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“where you arrive as a traveller and become a pilgrim”

in today´s entry we want to take you with us through the pilgrimage route camino de santiago, but in a different way than the traditional pilgrimage by foot.

ever heard about the camino de santiago (also known by the english names way of st. jamesst. james’s wayst. james’s pathst. james’s trailroute of santiago de compostela or road to santiago)?

well we are sure that you did but just in case that you didn´t, let us present you what the camino de santiago exactly is. the camino de santiago is the name of any of the pilgrimage routes to the shrine of the apostle st. james the great (santiago el mayor) in the cathedral of santiago de compostela in galicia in northwestern spain, where tradition has it that the remains of the saint are buried. many take up this route as a form of spiritual path or retreat, for their spiritual growth.


after his martydrom in jerusalem the remains of the james the great, were moved by a see route through the rio ulla to iria flavia (padrón) and then overland to santiago de compostela. the entire itinary is marked by a spectacle of an unforgettable river cruise. use a different way than walking down the pilgrimage route to arrive to santiago de compostela. sail on a cruiser along some islands and experience a new way of pilgrimage.

“donde se llega viajero y se vuelve peregrino”

as mentioned before, the route starts at the entrance to the estuary of arousa, heading to the island of onza and ons, the o grove península, the island of la toja, the de arousa, pobra do caramiñal, cambados, vilagarcia, the west towers of the time if archbishop xelmirez and heading finally to the confluence of rivers sar and ulla. the route with his spectacular views will be a new experience for any visitor and will fascinate him at the same time.


in the santiago de padrón church you will find the o pedron, which, according to tradition, is the stone where they tied the boat in which the apostle came to galicia.

at the foot of this town, in santiaguiño do monte arises the promontory where st. james the great preached.


a historical tour and the local cuisine, which is characterized by the seafood (marisco), are part of the essence of this singular and incentive pilgrim.

at the end of the trip each traveller will get a certification as a prove that you participated in the river cruise. a prove that shows that you sailed through the waters of the sea of arosa and the ulla river that centuries ago the body of the apostel st. james the great was sailing through reminding the first route of pilgrimage to santiago de compostela. a prove that you revived the history and can attest the experience of the knwowing places during the trip.

the program is designed especially for groups and including the following:

boat equipped to sail through the sea and the river + mooring in port + fuel + insurance + cleaning service + maridaje de mariscos (taste seafood) + and various local products accompanied by a fantastic albariño will be tasted while sailing back the ulla river.



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