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‘i want to write a love letter to barcelona and from barcelona to the world’       woody allen


there is, perhaps, no better way of presenting a city full of art than through the eyes and voice of an artist. love him or hate him, woody allen has the talent of bringing a city’s best to light, making it a veritable character in his films. after new york and london, in 2007 it was barcelona’s turn to shine in vicky cristina barcelona.

watching the film before visiting the city is like a travel guide. it is full of references to barcelona, all its attractions bathed in a wonderful golden summer light, places that remind you of some photos you have seen somewhere, music that you have heard before but never knew who plays it. it is an open invitation to visit a fascinating city.

the film locations carry the plot and the actions of the characters, indeed barcelona becomes a character in itself, the third lady in the title. when you visit the city, you recognize the colourful flower stands on las ramblas, you recognize the weird eccentric rooftop of la pedrera, the national museum and its terrace, the sagrada familia, the miro foundation, the views from parc guell. woody allen has ticked all the must-see places and used them smartly in his film. but these places, you have to seem them to understand why they are so attractive and fascinating for millions of visitors. 



rooftop of la pedrera



park guell



the park guell lizard 



the mnac – national museum of catalonian art



las ramblas



tibidabo attractions park – ´antique and charming, and overlooking all of barcelona´


joan miro

joan miró foundation


the city and the movie embody the ´european, tragic, romantic and free-thinking view on life´ (woody allen through the voice of cristina). poets, painters, photographers, golden lights, summer romances, bicycle rides in the nature, love, flamenco, wine tastings, cafes, sweet shops, picnics, these are the bits and pieces that fill the movie with a magical barcelonese air, but of which you don’t become aware until you have seen them with your own eyes. in the film they pass by like postcards in a window, in real life they are tangible images and experiences that become memories.


and the music, the music! classics from spanish must-knows, which make up a delightful and well thought soundtrack. 

entre dos aguas (played about three times)


and of course, barcelona (with video from the movie)

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