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the nightlife of barcelona is full of opportunities – you may be sleeping well in your hotel or you can take a chance to discover the night streets of this amazing city, which are so different in the night lights.

choosing the place to spend the night, you should first properly think what kind of experience you are going to get from this night. from another hand, why not just open your mind and became a “yes-man” in order to follow new adventures?Imagen

what can you meet while walking in the night along la rambla for example? tourists – maybe.. but definitely you will meet a crowd of promoters that seeks to catch you and bring to the popular restaurant/club/bar. very often this choice is combined with some “copa gratis” (free drink) or free trip on any public transport.

 talking about places you can be brought in – clubs, pubs, night cafes and live shows – plenty of entertainments for every taste, budget and imagination!


not forgetting about casinos – for those who are not afraid to take a risk and want to try their luck: casino barcelona, l’alianca del poble nou, Antonio ochando casino, gonzalo casino rubio and other places.Imagen

for travellers who are fond of sightseeing – it is a “must” to check the night-view of the main streets and most famous architectural sights of the city. in the night all surroundings mysteriously change and show their nocturne outfit.


other alternatives can include enjoying the night performance of flamenco in exclusive places with professional and passionate dancers in like in “tablao de carmen”, “tarantos flamenco show”, “palacio del flamenco”.

nevertheless, if walking further from the main streets, there is a chance to find troubles on your way.


therefore at this point better not to go alone and follow some essential safety guidelines:

*keep valuables and expensive cameras out of sight unless you need to use it;

*pay attention to your bag, on the street, in the places of interest and even in the restaurants;

*watch out for distraction – often pickpockets work in group, do not let them take your attention by some trick and steal your belongings;

*do not stop to check the map or do something next to suspiciously-looking people.


dress suitable and comfortable according to your choice and enjoy

 the night of barcelona!


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