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under the flags of sustainability, CO2 low emission, and cost efficiency, new forms of car rental are born. new needs of caruse for shorter periods of time, often lower than one day, and with limited number of car collection and delivery points. target customer: urban corporates that are adopting increasingly CO2 low emission patterns, as part of company policy, or simply conscious of the environment, as well as simple individuals.

to meet this demand, new companies have been created. some like www.movomovo.com where a car owner puts at community disposal his own car and fixes price for this service; in recession times, it can be a good way of obtaining extra income, but it creates problems concerning the ownership of the car and his responsibility to third parties, from an insurance standpoint. movo movo acts here as service company, without any need of investment in assets.

the second type acts nearly as a classic rental company, but creating fares well adapted for short-time needs of car rental, and offering low CO2 emission cars. a good example of it is www.respiromadrid.es and www.hertzondemand.com in an attempt to catch up this new demand.

as dmc, we should look closely this new trend and include other ways of car rental use to our corporate customers that will require from them a little bit of their flexibility in terms of collection and delivery options, but in return they will align their trip needs into more sustainable patterns.

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