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barcelona never stops to amuse its guests and tourists. if you already explored enough cultural gems – museums, its marvelous architectural styles, parks and galleries of art.. – seek to find the most surprising and unusual arts of the streets.


some of street art manifestations are easily found – for example at la rambla, one of the landmark streets of the city that goes from plaza catalunya to the port vell harbor. living statues, standing in the middle of this pedestrian zone will amuse you with their characters featuring mythological creatures and celebrities, historical and imaginary characters.

for a nominal fee you will get a chance to make funny picture with columbus, soldier from the past century or fairies of the old legends.


another kind of sculptures can be found at the beach – take an evening walk along the port olympic, along barceloneta beach to enjoy the seashore and capture curious sand sculptures, built by local masters.


probably you already noticed part of visual street arts, when digging into the narrow  streets and getting away from the popular paths – every second corner in the inner part of the city has its unique appearance, reached by the art of street painters. graffiti – writings or drawings, scribbled, painted with the marker pans, or most often, sprayed on walls or buildings in the public places.


and barcelona is a city highly rich with this controversial bright art expressions.

especially plenty of graffiti you can see in el raval and el born areas or if taking a walk through the narrow streets of gracia.


all over the city you can discover creations of artists, some of them are world known – pez (spanish for “fish”), el xupet negre (“the black pacifier”),jorge rodríguez-gerada, kram, btoy and others.

all you need is camera and enthusiasm – get ready to enjoy exceptional art styles and sub-cultures!


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