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discover the secrets of the most beautiful spanish territories and the reasons that you should visit when you get a chance. here are 10 natural parks across spain which are a must-do for all travellers who like to be outside and enjoy being in a natural environment.

 -the largest and oldest national park of the canary island-

teide national park, canary islands

its landscape revolves around the largest volcano in spain: the teide, which last erupted in 1798. the volcanic cones and the lava outcrops form an extraordinary conjunction of colours and shapes, and are home to a wide diversity of flora of great biological value.

the teide national park was created in 1954 in order to protect this spectacular landscape of great ecological value which lies at the foot of the colossal volcano. the teide is the volcanic formation located on an ancient and gigantic cauldron-shaped depression, formed by two semi-calderas separated by the roques de garcía rock formations. plant and animal species that are unique in the world live in the shadow of the teide. there is an astonishing diversity of plants: teide broom, red echium, blue echium, theguanche rose (bencomia extipulata), flixweed, rosalillo de cumbre (pterocephalus lasiospermus),silver thistle (stemmacantha cynaroides)… the most important species in the park are the invertebrates. over 700 types of insects have been recorded, of which 50% are endemic to the area. there are some species of reptiles (such as the tenerife lizard) and birds (egyptian vulture, sparrow hawks, lesser kestrels, red kite), mammals are scarce, the most common of which are the mouflon, rabbits and five species of bat.

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