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Located at the southernmost tip of Spain, where the Med meets the Atlantic, Tarifa is famous for being the European Capital of kite-surfing. It is a small town with a walled old centre and a Moorish fort, offering fantastic water-sports all year round thanks to its reliable breezes and its kilometres of white sandy beaches. The town caters all needs of water-sports enthusiasts, who come from around the world to take advantage of its strong winds and waves.


Camping sites, apartments and hotels stretch along the beach just off old town, a wide range of restaurants and bars provide the best of the local gastronomy and wines, nightlife always ready for relaxing evenings and nights – nonetheless, most consider Tarifa has the most chilled out atmosphere ever.

Are you travelling with your surfer friends but prefer a more relaxed activity? No worries, non-surfers are well catered too, with a fascinating nature and ancient history backing in time to Moorish and Roman Empire eras.  The coastline is as popular with nature-lovers as with its unconditional surfing crowd. Bird-watching, horse-riding, scuba-diving, whale and dolphin-watching, rock-climbing … are perfect ways of engaging with the beautiful countryside and blue waters.


Tarifa for beginners

Though Tarifa is not an ideal beginner spot, it is said that if you learn kiting here you can kite anywhere. Summers are quite crowded, peak season that coincides with Spanish holidays and most European’s as well. Therefore early spring and late autumn may be the most recommendable seasons: less crowded and better prices for lessons and still good weather, good water temperature and air most days in the week. But remember, even if we are in southernmost European beaches, it is the Atlantic sea that waters the shores so long-suit (4/3) in spring, autumn and winter is 100% advisable while shorty is fine during summer.

There are two wind directions in Tarifa that switch on and off at irregular intervals throughout the year. The first type of wind is called Poniente; if you’re a beginner this is the kind of wind you should be kiting in. It’s a warm, onshore wind that blows from the west/northwest and brings moderate chop and 15-25 knots. The Levante is a cold, dense, off/cross-offshore wind that comes from the east/northeast and it’s much stronger and gustier, which makes it quite a bit harder to learn in (plus when you’re a beginner, offshore wind should be avoided at all costs).

When it comes to best beaches for learning, Los Lances is where most kite schools and other water sports facilities can be found. This 3km long stretch of beach is one of the better organised in all Spain, with a segregated area where schools can operate and where independent kite-boarders can ride.  Valdequeros, Punta Paloma and Las Dunas are also a great Poniente spot, just west of Tarifa itself and a perfect location for beginners and more advanced riders alike. The designated kiting area can get a bit busy during the peak summer months, but most of the time it’s a favourite for the locals because it works in more wind directions than some of the beaches closer to town. The après-surf is also a must, with some great beach bars and burgers, ideal for chilling out at after a big session.

Learning how to kite-surf and discovering Cádiz region

Beginner, intermediate and advanced courses as well as adapted courses for kids with maximum safety are all available in Tarifa. Experience kite-surf for the first time, improve your skills or just learn more skills and technics, there are programs for all profiles.

Travel in spring and autumn if you can, when beaches are not so crowded, so you can enjoy the kiting experience at most. Málaga, 2 hours away, is the nearest international airport, with most connections with main European capitals as well as some overseas destinations. A pleasant motorway 2 hour trip connects the airport with Tarifa.


Stay in a hotel, apartments, camping site or hostel, there are options to all budgets. Kite-surf material will be provided by instructors, adapted to your skills. A non-windy day is never a lost day during your stay. Surfing, beach volley, hiking, horse riding, SUP, kayaking … are all active “no wind experiences” and great fun for everyone.

Let’s not forget the rich cultural heritage that surround Tarifa. You made it all the way to Andalusia, one of the richest regions with most monumental cities and UNESCO heritage spots. Cádiz, Jerez, Gibraltar, the beautiful white-washed villages in the nearest mountains, Marbella, Ronda, even Sevilla if you have a couple of days spare, are all options to complete your stay.


So, wish to learn & practice kitesurfing in a top destination with tons of wind, sun, warm weather and a wide range of spots surrounded by a beautiful scene? Let us know, we will send you more information.


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