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Meetings – Incentives – Conferences – Exhibitions. Spain has a handful number of popular MICE destinations: Barcelona, Madrid, Palma, Sevilla … but, what about less internationally known spots but that could be ideal for most type of events?

Let us introduce you to Cáceres, situated in Extremadura region, 320km south-east Madrid, half way from Spain’s capital and Lisbon. With a privileged enclave, the city and its region are rich in landscapes, leisure, historical heritage, cultural legacy and excellent quality gastronomy.

Source: Turismo de Extremadura – https://www.turismoextremadura.com/en/index.html

The city

With a population of 96.000 inhabitants, Cáceres will make you feel like a time traveller as you walk along any of its narrow cobbled streets. Its monumental ensemble was declared World Heritage by UNESCO in 1986 and it is considered one of the prettiest historic town centres of Spain.
Its Moorish walls enclose and preserve the second biggest water cistern in the world, a Jewish quarter, Roman remains and mansions, Renaissance palaces and churches crowned by stork nests.

Cáceres counts with 4-5 hotels with a total of 665 rooms and conference facilities for up to 1200 delegates, a congress centre and a few special venues to host any event.

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What to do & see

A MICE experience in this region will allow you to discover birds in natural habitats of great beauty, practice water sports at an inlands freshwater beach, admire pasturelands of oaks or get introduced to stargazing. Of course, nobody should leave Extremadura without enjoying its fantastic gastronomy: best Iberian ham, with 10 designations, is produced there but also excellent local cheese, olive oil, wine and honey will remain as great memories.

Culture & History

Extremadura is history and legend, a region with a well-preserved heritage and with corners of great beauty. Three sites are declared World Heritage by UNESCO: the monumental ensemble of Cáceres, the archaeological ensemble of Mérida, and the Royal Monastery of Santa María de Guadalupe. Magical enclaves of unusual beauty such as the Via de la Plata (Silver Route), the Alcántara Bridge or the city of Trujillo complete its rich heritage.

Source: Turismo de Extremadura – https://www.turismoextremadura.com/en/explora/Merida-00001/

Nature & Sports

Extremadura has over 60 protected natural spaces and 1,500km2 of fresh water resources where to enjoy nature and practice sports. Birdwatching, stargazing, geotourism, trekking … and more can be practiced in one region.

Birdwatching: one hour drive north-east Cáceres, the Monfragüe National Park is the place to discover ornithology and Mediterranean flora.
Declared Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO, it is the largest and best preserved stretch of Mediterranean mountain landscape in the world. Its wild mountains of oak and Mediterranean forest and streams provide a home for the park’s diverse flora and fauna.
Salto del Gitano offers the chance to admire storks, vultures and imperial eagles. Deer, lynx, wildcats, snakes, tortoises … are just some other spices living in this area.
This 300m cliff rearing up over Tagus river it is a must among park routes.

Source: Turismo de Extremadura – https://www.turismoextremadura.com/en/explora/Monfraguee-National-Park/

Stargazing: Monfragüe, Algueva and Southern mountain range have been certified as Starlight Destinations. Low level of pollution, good weather, cloudless days and spectacular locations make the region a paradise for stargazers. The offer of accommodation, activity companies and professionals that provide stargaze-related services makes it possible to organise unforgettable astrotourism programs.

Source: Turismo de Extremadura –

Sports: Extremadura is a paradise for outdoor sports. Trekking, biking, horse-riding, river sports, kayaking, sailing, fishing in lake reservoirs … Extremely beautiful hiking tracks and routes among oak and chestnut tree forests, mountain bike trails, protected nature areas along Tagus river … offer the perfect and unique scenario that will take you long to forget.

Source: Turismo de Extremadura –

Gastronomy & Flavours

Iberian ham is perhaps one of the most famous products of Spain and it is in Extremadura where one of the best cured ham is produced. Iberian pigs are used to running kilometres a day across the vast pasture lands (dehesas) in search of acorns, which gives their meat a singular texture, fragrance and fragrance.
Goat and sheep cheeses are also famous and important, actually used as currency in Middle Ages. When it comes to desserts, Extremadura is the first producer of cherries in Spain and the holder of “Cereza del Jerte” D.O. Plums and special sweet pastries and desserts are also worth a try.

Source: Turismo de Extremadura –

And, of course, we shall not forget wines and olive oil. Mostly produced in the area of Badajoz, a wide range of red, white, rosé and cava wines will be the perfect complement to any meal. You will be able to enjoy these products at any of the excellent restaurants of the area – why not at 2 Michelin-starred Atrio Restaurant?

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