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Spain is world famous for its history, cuisine and traditional fiestas and festivals! Every village, town and city has their own, unique celebrations which are worth a visit at least once in a lifetime. Below we have compiled the 5 best fiestas around the country, so that you can celebrate the Spanish way this summer!

1.Bonfires of San Juan – 23rd – 24th June

The Bonfires of San Juan is a traditional and popular festival celebrated around Spain on the night of 23rd – 24th of June. However, the most important celebrations take place in Alicante in the community of Valencia. The celebrations are to signify the arrival of the summer, usually involving huge firework displays, festive dinners, dancing around bonfires, and the bravest people might even go for a swim in the sea. This fiesta has been held for hundreds of years, but was constituted formally in the year of 1928. Since then, the city of Alicante celebrates this night with different traditions, the most famous being the enormous cardboard and wooden figures which go up in flames on the night of San Juan and the spectacular fireworks at midnight.


Firowork in Alicante during the festival


Bonfire of a cardboard figure

2. Wine Battle in Haro – 29th June

Every year on the 29th of June,  locals and visitors alike come together in the famous wine region of La Rioja, specifically the Haro vineyard, to celebrate Saint Peter’s Day (El dia de San Pedro) with this crazy festivity. During the celebrations people thow wine all over each other, eating, drinking and singing together. The roots of the festival go back to the 13th century, when the first battles were held between the regions. Since then it has become an annual tradition to have a wine battle followed by a huge dinner, dancing and partying in the city of Haro.


Celebrations of the Wine Festival

haro 2

Celebrations of the Wine Festival

3. Sanfermines 6th14th July

Every year on the second week of July, the city of Pamplona in the region of Navarra becomes a bull running path and the most exciting city in Spain. This year on the 6th of July, like every year, a chupianzo (a type of rocket) will launched from the Town Hall of Pamplona, marking the start of the celebrations. The festival lasts for a week (until the 14th July this year), where visitors can enjoy exciting bull runnings, parades, bull fights and much more. The first run of the year is held on the second day of the fiesta at 8am, when hundreds of people run in front of the bulls from the old town, up until the bullfighting ring of Pamplona. Everyone – both locals and visitors – can join in on the runs, just make sure to wear your running shoes! Moreover, every day parades of “giants and big-heads” are held in the streets accompanied with music, tapas and tradition.


Bull running during the Sanfermines


Parade of Giants and Big-Heads

4. Canoe festival and international descent of the Sella river – 3rd August

The canoe festival in Parres (in the region of Asturias) has truly become one of the most important international canoe races. Every year, on the first Saturday of August, canoeists from all over the world come to participate in the Sella River Race. This exciting sporting event begin in 1930 and has been held every year since then. The race course runs for 20 km on the Sella River from the village of Arriondas, to the finish line in Ribadasella. In order to participate, you need a valid competition licence. However, thousands of spectators enjoy the race by shouting and encouraging the participants. The race starts at 12pm and lasts until the last competitor reaches the finish line. Afterwards, trophies are awarded to winners in each category and a huge picnic is organised with delicious food, drinks music and dancing. The festival doesn’t just stop after the picnic though, it continues in the streets, bars and terraces of Ribadesella.


Canoeists at the start line

river 2

The race in the Sella River

5. La Tomatina – 28th August

La Tomatina is one of the most famous festivals in Spain and is held on the last Wednesday of August every year in Buñol, in the community of Valencia. Masses of people from all over the world come together to throw thousands of tomatoes at each other, enjoy the great party and, most importantly, have the time of their lives! The origins of this mass tomato battle date back to a fight amongst children in 1945 and has been celebrated every year since then. Each year the celebration starts at 9am in the town square of Buñol, where the Town Hall provides breakfast for every visitor. The start of the battle is 11am when a shot is fired to announce the start of the fight. Afterwards, tomato-loaded trucks enter the city and everyone starts to throw tomato at each other. After only a few seconds, the whole city and everyone who is in the streets will be soaked in red tomato juice. The battle usually lasts for a few hours until a second shot is fired to signal the end of the battle.


The world famous tomato fight


The streets of Buñol during the Tomatina festival

If you would like to experience one of Spain’s world famous festivals this summer, then don’t hesitate to contact us!

mapa festial

Map marking the different cities where you can find the best festivals during this summer


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