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Food Markets around Spain

If you are a food lover and want to enjoy Spain’s famous cuisine like a local than during your trip you should visit a food market to enjoy the different type of tapas, main courses, see food and much more. In this article we have collected the top food markets across Spain which are a must visit sites during your travel.


           – Mercado San Miguel

If you are visiting Madrid you should definitely visit the Mercado San Miguel. This food market is probably Madrid’s most famous market and located right next to the Plaza Mayor (city centre). The building was built in 1916 and operated as a food market over centuries. In 2009 the government renovated the architecture and reopened as a gourmet market. This market is also the place if you would like to try the best of the Spanish cuisine or just enjoy a sangria (Spanish sweet wine) with friends. The market offers from enormous king prawns to cone of shaped hams. But not only the food is outstanding, visually, the building’s architecture both from outside and inside is charming.

san miguel

Mercado San Miguel – Madrid

san miguel2

Mercado San Miguel from inside

          – Mercado San Anton

On the ground floor of the market you can find every type of fresh ingredient, fancy home-made jams, gourmet olive oils different type of cured meats which can be the perfect souvenir to take home. But if you are looking for a gastronomic experience the San Anton market offers you in the second floor numerous tapas, sweets, platillo de pescados (fish dish) and the best craft beers and wines. Furthermore, in the roof top of the market you can find an open air restaurant which offers better and better platters of the Spanish cuisine. You should definitely come and enjoy the views from the rooftop accompanied with a delicious tapas and wine.

san anton

Mercado San Anton from inside – Madrid

san anton 2

Rooftop of the Mercado San Anton

2. Barcelona – Mercado La Boqueria

One of the top tourist attraction in Barcelona is the well-known food market, so called Mercado La Boqueria. The market is located right in the La Rambla, which is Barcelona’s famous shopping street. The market offers a lot of food ingredients, from fresh fishes right from the see up until the varied spices. However, as most of the food markets the Mercado La Boqueria offers delicious freshly prepared dishes of the Spanish cuisine. Definitely worth a visit!

san josef

Mercado La Boqueria – Barcelona

san jofes 2

Mercado La Boqueria from inside

3. Valencia – Mercat Central

The building of the Mercat Central in Valencia is one of the most appealing building in the old city. The building is in use since the beginning of 1928 and has a modernist character defined by materials like iron, glass or pottery. The total area of the market is more than 6000 m2, it has stand for 1200 vendors and one of Europe’s largest food market. Visitors and locals as well can find almost everything inside the building from traditional legume, vegetables, fruits, fishes or meats to more specific products like salted food, offal, tocinería (food made of pork fat), food from grocer’s stores or fowl products.


Mercat Central – Valencia


Mercat Central from inside

4. Sevilla – Mercado Lonja del Barranco

The Mercado Lonja del Barranco is a glass and iron building from the 1870s, it was designed with Gustave Eiffel’s influence. The market is located in the banks of the Guadalquivir River in the feet of the Triana Bridge. This part is one of the most charming areas of Seville, locals and visitors go there to enjoy tapas, cocktails and listen music. A perfect place if you are looking for a chill out place combined with Spanish traditions.


Mercado Lonja del Barranco – Sevilla


Mercado Lonja del Barranco from inside

5. Córdoba – Mercado Victoria

Cordoba’s fancy food market, the Mercado Victoria has opened its gates in 2014 and since that it is one of the hottest food market across Spain.  It is located in the wrought iron former pavilion of the Córdoba Fair (built in 1877). The market is popular with locals as well as tourist and offers the best gourmet experiences in Cordoba. Visitors can find numerous local cheeses, different type of cured meats, wines and olive oils. After you bought every souvenir enjoy a nice tapas in the dining area.


Mercado Victoria – Córdoba


Mercado Victoria from inside

6. Santiago de Compostela – Mercado de Abastos

Santiago’s second most visited tourist attraction is the Santiago food market or also called Mercado de Abastos. In this market you will find and impressive selection of the best dishes and fresh Galician products. This market is also going to be your favourite if you like see food. Vendors in this market are selling the freshest fishes, fruits and vegetables, meets and local diary products.  You can also try in the dining area typical Galician dishes such as Padrón peppers, octopus, salted cod, goose neck barnacles, empanada (savoury pie) and much more.


santiago 2

Mercado de Abastos from inside

7. Bilbao – Mercado de la Ribera

After the Guggenheim museum Bilbao’s second largest attraction is the famous Mercado de la Ribiera. This market is expands on 10.000 m2 and with this size this is Europe’s largest indoor market. The building was originally built in 1930 and nowadays operates as a fancy food market. Visitors can try the famous fish dishes and several typical platters from the area. Inside of the market we can find restaurants as well, which are waiting for the guests with delicious cuisine and live jazz music in evening.


Mercado de la Ribera – Bilbao

mercado ribiera

Mercado de la Ribera from inside

If get interested and want to explore the best dishes around Spain or stand around trendy food markets in any part of the country while sipping vino after vino accompanied with the best tapas than contact us and we will organize the best experience for you!

map food markets

map marking the cities mentioned above


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