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Every spring, the region of Caceres in the province of Extremadura, is shining in white because of the many blooming cherry trees. From the 23th of March until the 7th of April there are going to be lots of celebrations dedicated to this unbelievable occurrence.

This natural phenomenon happens annually for about 10 days around mid-March till beginning of April, although the exact date can never be known since the blooming of the trees depends on the weather conditions.
Nevertheless, the people in the Jerte Valley, including villages like Piornal, Cabrero, Jerte, Navaconcejo or Casas del Castañar celebrate this incredible sign of spring like nobody else.

The event is supposed to reflect the past and the future of the region. This is why many wineries or the local smith show how they used to work 50 years ago. There are also several families that open the doors of their ancient houses to demonstrate live how it was many years ago.

cherry trees extremadura

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But the real attraction throughout the days are the millions of cherry trees that slowly start to bloom in a beautiful white colour. At the beginning of the blooming process it is the perfect time to do some hiking, climbing or cycling through the valley. At this time of the year, the snow in the mountains starts melting but at the same time the cherries start blooming, which creates a picturesque landscape.
Only a few days later the area is covered in white from all the blooming trees. This marks the highlight of the festivities.
Unfortunately, this magical moment only lasts a small number of days until the petal rain starts, which is a nice farewell to such an original event.

cherry trees

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In Cabezuela del Valle, the Museo de la Cereza (the cherry museum) can be visited. Located in an old house typically for this region, the history of cherry cultivation is shown through interactive resources and recreations of some agricultural processes, as well as information about the Cherry Blossom Festival.

The mixture of the beauty of nature and the hospitality of the inhabitants of the villages make an incomparable celebration that welcomes many visitors every year. If you are interested in experiencing this event do not hesitate to contact us!


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