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Get on board!

Culture, customs, food – things that make Spain unique. However, we often forget one of the main factor why Spain differs to other European countries: geographically, Madrid is centrally located while most of the regional capitals such as Barcelona, Valencia, Sevilla and Bilbao are spread along the Mediterranean and Atlantic coasts. This unique shape would have made it rather easy for air traffic to replace rail traffic. However, planes have not achieved to do so, as train provider have not only managed to offer high speed trains that run up to 220 mph but also realized the idea of luxury trains designed to spend exciting holidays on board.


traveling through Spain with EL Transcantabrico Gran Lujo, (source: luxury train club)

With El Transcantabrico Gran Lujo, El Transcantabrico Clasico and Al Andalus trains Spain offers an unmatched luxury train experience to discover the country with its colorful cities, cultural curiosities, breathtaking beaches and delicious cuisine. By joining the rail adventure from Sierra Nevada in Andalusia to the secret beaches of Costa Brava, you will get the chance to be sent through a time tunnel. While el Transcantabrico Gran Lujo creates a unique flair by redecorating four original 1923 Pullman lounge cars, Al Andalus takes you back in history to the glamour of the Belle Époque. Its 1929 in France built suites were formerly used by the British royal family on their journeys from Calais to the Cote d’Azur and have been enriched with all cutting-edge technical features.

While El Transcantabrico Gran Lujo is known as one of the most luxurious trains in the world by ensuring its guests excellent and personalized service panoramic views of sceneries and comfort at the highest level, El Transcantabrico Clasico is with 27 years of experience the oldest luxury train of Spain. Both luxury trains cruises through the North of Spain with its gorgeous green landscape and beautiful lively city. El Transcantabrico Gran Lujo discovers the beauty of the Basque county by traveling from Santiago de Compostela to San Sebastian with a maximum of 28 guests on board. The team of El Transcantabrico Clasico guarantees an unforgettable experience by making you fall in love with Northern Spain and Castile y Leon and offering cruises such as Leon to Santiago, Santander to Leon and Santiago to Santander.


traveling with El Transcantabrico Clasico, (source: luxury train club)

The largest tourist train in the world Al Andalus train allows you to enter into another world while traveling Andalusia and its unique landscape. By joining rail adventures such as Sevilla to Granada, Sevilla to Madrid and Sevilla to Sevilla, you will find out more about Andalusia’s exciting history and delicious cuisine.


room service, (source: renfe)

Every train and each journey are unique but the idea is always the same: simplifying the way of experiencing Spain by offering a diverse landscape passing by the window and unlimited luxury on rail! Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime experience and book unforgettable holidays on rails with us!


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