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the Basque city San Sebastian has a lot to offer for both, locals and visitors that are looking for culinary specialties. besides many markets with local products and numerous pintxo and txakoli wine bars, the city offers you a remarkable number of Michelin star restaurants – a perfect mix, if you seek special gastronomic experiences.


San Sebastián (Source: San Sebastián Turismo)

pintxos are the Basque version of tapas – small snacks that are offered in bars or taverns, often presented on top of the counter. the main difference to tapas is that pintxos are normally served on a skewer on top of a piece of bread. they are typical for the Basque Country and in San Sebastian you can find pintxos in every bar, especially around the old town. you should not miss to try them! some nice places to try pintxos in San Sebastian are the pintxo bars Gandarias and Astelehena. typical pintxos include seafood or fish like cod or anchovies, tortilla de patatas (potato omelette) or stuffed peppers.

we recommend to accompany the delicious Basque food with a typical Basque beverage – txakoli wine. this is a sparkling, dry and fruity white wine with moderate alcohol content. normally served as an aperitif, it is also a perfect accompaniment to pintxos. the txakoli wine is served cold and from a height, so the aroma can develop perfectly, when the beverage splashes into the typical tall glasses. to discover more about the txakoli wine production, it’s a good idea to visit a txakoli winery in the surroundings of San Sebastian, where you will be introduced into the production process and, of course, can taste the txakoli wine on site.

San Sebastian also offers you very special and high end cuisine. the city’s 9 Michelin star restaurants have received a total of 16 Michelin stars. all of them offer you very special gourmet moments. a very nice restaurant to visit is Akelarre, one of the few Spanish three star restaurants, which is located on the side of Monte Igeldo hill, overlooking the Bay of Biscay. this location lets you relish the cuisine – a mix of tradition, vanguard and haute cuisine – while enjoying stunning views of the sea and the bay.




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