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the city of Coimbra is located in the Centro region of Portugal, it is the fourth-largest urban centre in Portugal and is well worth a visit.
take a walk through the narrow, busy streets, go souvenir shopping in one of the many local shops, visit the famous University of Coimbra, or visit a fado show – there are many options in Coimbra.


the city of Coimbra

handicraft shops and narrow streets

especially the area around Coimbra’s old cathedral is known for its narrow streets full of small, interesting shops, the street Rua Ferreira Borges being one of the liveliest. in this area you can find everything, from international high class labels to local designers or independent shops, selling local products or jewellery.


Rua Ferreira Borges

if you are looking for a typical Portuguese product as a souvenir, pottery or ceramics could be good idea, which is particularly a specialty in the Coimbra region. a lot of shops are specialised in these local products.

moreover several markets can be found in Coimbra’s centre, that offer food or fashion. in the main municipal market Mercado D. Pedro V you can find all types of local and fresh Portuguese products, like seafood, fish or fruits.

in case you need a break from your shopping tour, numerous cafés or bars offer you cold drinks or homemade delicacies, Café Santa Cruz being one of the most famous coffee houses, located in the Praça 8 de Maio square.

University of Coimbra

the University of Coimbra is a public University, founded in 1290 in Lisboa and moved to Coimbra in 1537. it is one of Coimbra’s most famous institutions as it is the oldest university of Portugal and one of the oldest continuous operating universities in the world. it is located on a hill, overlooking the city, and since June 2013 it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. the everyday life in the city of Coimbra is clearly marked by the university’s institutions, traditions and ceremonies as well as by its numerous Portuguese and international students.


University of Coimbra

fado music

fado is a traditional Portuguese music genre that dates back to the 1820s and probably even earlier. typical fado songs are usually melancholic and represent the feeling of loss. since 2011 fado is part of the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage Lists. in the city of Coimbra the fado plays a special role, as it is connected to the city’s university’s traditions and ceremonies and is still a part of the yearly students serenades.


traditional faro serenade in Coimbra city centre

if you want to experience the traditional fado music in Coimbra, there are several possibilities to visit a fado show. one option could be the cultural and fado centre “àCapella” that presents a daily fado show and serenade and guitar songs of Coimbra. the show is presented in a 14th century chapel, that also offers a little terrace, where visitors can have a drink before or after the show.







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