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algarve is mostly linked to the peak summer months, when the resorts are bustling and the beautiful algarve beaches are packed to the rafters with happy holidaymakers. people tend to think that algarve is only recommended during the high-season, where the people has guaranteed of warm and sunny weather. but in fact, some of the best months in algarve are the ´out of season´ months, when the crowds is shortened and all that the region has to offer can be enjoyed at a much more relaxed pace with better temperatures for sightseeing and activities.

march and april in algarve are lovely months because all the spring flowers are out and most of the landscape is green and fresh. the maximum recorded temperatures during the high season fluctuate between 45 °c and 48°c. in this case, during spring, the temperature is normally 20 -25 °c and although there may still be a shower of rain, it is normally sunny and the area reveals a blue sky. it has a great beach weather but also still good for getting out into the countryside and exploring. it is also still quite calm, so this is perfect for getting around without too much ´traffic´.

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     algarve and its nature during spring time

the city

algarve, translated into ´the west´, is the southern region of portugal. the region has its administrative centre in faro, where both the region´s international airport and one of the best-known public universities of portugal. the area is currently even the third richest region in portugal, just after lisbon and madeira. the algarve is divided into sixteen municipalities which from the west are: aljezur, vila do bispo, lagos, portimão, lagao, monchique, silves, albufeira, faro, loulé, são brás de alportel, olhão, tavira, vila real de santo antónio, castro marim and alcoutim. the algarve covers almost 5000 square kilometres and there are about 450.000 permanent inhabitants. time by time people choose to stay in the area and that is one of the seasons why there are a lot of cottages of tourists who would love to go back now and then.

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The main question is how to discover the beauty of algarve during spring. what makes the area so beautiful this time of year comparing with the high season? in spring algarve starts to come alive again after the winter. as april turns into may, the countryside comes alive with a profusion of wild flowers. with these mild temperatures, spring is very popular with golfers and those partaking in other activities.

lagos, the wild and beautiful side of algarve, reveals itself to be a land of orange tree groves, quit gold-sand beaches, and a searching sense of history. lagos is well located for exploring both westwards along the coastlines of the natural park and into the rugged hills of the little-known interior, a timeless area offering great hiking. in spring, these landscapes are all the more beguiling thanks to the astounding variety of wild flowers which flourish thee. there are many hiking routes which will show you a wide selection of algarve´s flora in all its glory. with a guide or with the help of a map; make sure you are informed of all the secret places algarve has to offer and make sure you do not miss anything during your walk!

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especially the coastline of algarve has a lot to offer for the outdoor enthusiastics among us

mountain biking
mountain bike hiring is extremely popular in the algarve, with residents and tourist, so there are lots of places to hire mountain bikes. the algarve benefits from consistently good weather, so it is easy to get out and see the area by bike. in this case, especially the months in spring are better to explore the towns and countryside by bike as you get a nice breeze to keep you cool, compared to the sweltering heat in summer.

put your golf skills to the test during the algarve springtime! the algarve is considered to be the best golf destination in europe. currently there are more than 30 courses spread along its 150 km of coastline, and there are still several more under construction. thanks to the climate, the algarve offers golf courses with perfectly manicured fairways and ´greens´ in the perfect conditions in which you can play at your best during the winter and spring. the main season of golf in the algarve is from late fall to late spring, because the summers are often too warm for the players, and the winter/spring allows it because of the soft temperature.

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the spring golf tournament in san lorenzo is one of the most famous golf tournaments in algarve

water sports
lagos and west coast algarve offer the best conditions for all kind of water sports, like surfing, wakeboarding, kitesurfing and windsurfing. no other place in europa allows regularly surfing with great waves in the morning and kiting steady wind in the afternoon. if it is flat and calm, the water is perfect for wakeboarding. when the weather creates the perfect wind, you also have the possibility to go (wind)surfing of kitesurfing. not only the extreme sports is a recommendation, sailing could be a great option for the ones who enjoys it more.

theme parks
as a fabulous family holiday destination, the algarve as a theme park to suit everyone. water parks, marine parks, zoos – all are great days out that young and old will enjoy. during your visit in spring you have all the possible advantages: no heath, no long queues and still perfect weather to refresh yourself. the biggest attraction of all is zoomarine with its fantastic marine animal presentations, particularly the dolphins. you can even swim in the pool with the animals with a so called ´dolphin interaction programme´. the theme park ´slide&slash´ is open from april and is also one of the leading algarve attractions and should definitely be on your list of things to do in portugal.

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algarve is definitely accessible for all ages

and of course…

relaxing! next to all the activities algarve has to offer, the best ingredients for a perfect holiday is your time to lean back, enjoy the atmosphere and forget about the rest. no other place like algarve gives you beaches you have never seen before and the feeling like you are nowhere close to home. people-watching, snoozing, meandering-  the most relaxing holidays are all about simple pleasures.


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