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hot summer in spain – madrid or barcelona, what can be better?

enjoy warm sea and cosmopolitan city of catalonia or walk through the emblematic sunny streets of madrid.

however when it gets too hot, better to put on sun cream and panama hat, or  hide from the heat in some cool place, to avoid catching a sun strike.


barcelona and madrid give you unique opportunity not just to escape from heat, but to experience a small northern adventure without going far away – and even see the northern lights!

how is this possible you will ask? – check it out!

ice bar in barcelona

opened in 2007, this ice-place suggests its visitors to get unique northern experience, just at the sandy beach of barceloneta.  ice bar is a wonderful place to be amused both for locals and tourists: lightened ice sculptures, ice interiors are forming two areas that are ready to welcome visitors and provide perfect place for fun and unusual celebration.


entrance ticket (don’t forget to make pre-booking!) for the price of 15 eu provides you with 45 minutes visit and drink, that will warm you up. at the entrance you will get jacket and gloves, but better take some extra clothing with you if you are and easy freezing person.

temperature in the bar varies from -2oc to -10oc depending on the bar occupancy.

ice bar in madrid

ice bar in madrid presents more intimate atmosphere and is a good place for any kind of event or celebration. the ice bar has a number of packages to book for perfect event that you will remember for years!


package for vip clients, ¨love package¨, ¨photography package¨, ¨vodka tasting package¨, ¨celebrations package¨. moreover in the bar there is an ice shop, offering you a number of exclusive products related with the ice world.


and last but not the least! madrid ice bar can surprise you with a unique show of northern lights, prepared by the brightest video and photography specialists together with the ice bar members.

use a chance to experience north and south at once

and take rest from the summer heat in the ice-bar!


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