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madrid offers the opportunity to enjoy the sunset from various spots.

el parque del cerro del tio pio” is considered to be one of the best places to witness the sun setting, in combination with a great view of the city.


this beautiful park used to be a dump. after being buried and reconverted, it transformed to this park composed by seven hills. spanish people with the amount of imagination needed can see the similarity between these hills and women breast. this is why the park is also commonly known as “parque de las siete tetas” which translates to “park of the seven breasts”


being on top of any of the seven hills offers an amazing panoramic view of madrid from its southern part. parque de las siete tetas is a great way to relax from the city centers rush while enjoying an amazing colour combination!

reaching the park is easy by bus or metro from the city center.

visit the park on a nice weather day and be sure to not miss this beautiful sunset!



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