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the time of the year has come again. weather is getting warmer, day is getting bigger, one by one the adventure parks in spain open their gates. choose the ones that suite you best!
huge relaxing pools, rides full of adrenaline, safari experiences and more.
here we introduce 5 worth visiting parks all over spain!

1)   portaventura – barcelona
only 1 hour distance from the beautiful city center, portaventura is a park offering six different worlds (mediterrania, polynesia, china, mexico, far west, sesamoaventura), each one of them containing different rides, themed performances, shops and restaurants.


2)   warner park – madrid

easily reached by bus, one hour from the capitals center, warner park is a place full of attractions for all ages. you can relax on the cartoon carrousel, or test your limits on batmans ride!

are you ready for lex luthors latest invention?


3)   terra mitica – valencia

150 km from valencias city center

here you can discover all that is hidden on the mediterranean, egypt, greece and rome, thousands of years converted into moments of fun, emotion and adrenaline.

enjoy street animation, gladiators, acrobats and amazing rides for a full adrenaline rush.


4)   siam park – tenerife

along with other buses that reach the park, there is the free siam park bus service option for you to choose!

try the amazing, full of adrenaline slides

relax in the worlds biggest lazy rives

surf  on the worlds biggest artificial waves


5)   cabarceno – cantabria
15 km from santander city center
a huge park, containing animals from all five continents in a semi-freedom situation. large fenced spaces are made in a suitable way, mimicking the original habitat of the animals. this is a big opportunity to enjoy a safari in europe!



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