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have you ever visited the south of spain? even betterhave you ever thought of travelling through the south by car? andalucia is perfect for road trips! this post will introduce you an interesting route through southern spain, even though when travelling by car, plans can change at any minute!
south of spain is amazingsea, sun, history and cultural combination where you will also feel the african influence.

station 1: sevilla
must-see / must-do: plaza españa . real alcazar . tapas tour, go around the city trying the various tapas bars. try patatas bravas, gazpacho (cold tomato soup) and espinacas con garbanzos (spinach with chickpeas) and a lot more..

if you visit sevilla in easter week you will witness the universally famous celebration, that is being held since the 16th century, about 50,000 people parade on traditional robes, easter week is a real experience in sevilla. two weeks later comes the “feria de abril de sevilla” (seville april fair).

for the duration of the fair, the fairgrounds and a vast area on the far bank of the guadalquivir river are totally covered in rows of casetas (individual decorated marquee tents which are temporarily built on the fairground). from around nine at night until six or seven the following morning, at first in the streets and later only within each caseta, you will find crowds partying and dancing “sevillanas”, drinking jerez sherry, or manzanilla wine, and eating tapas




station 2: cádiz
driving distance: 120 km/ 1h 20min

now you´ve reached the sea. cádiz is the oldest city in western europe. the different people who settled here left an important cultural imprint, whose influence still remains in the character of the city’s people. visit “la victoria”, an immense beach with stretches to the end of the town offering all the services and facilities (bars restaurants etc..)



station 3: tarifa

driving distance: 105km/ 1h 16min

this paradise is situated in the southest part of cádiz, the southernmost point of the european continent. it is also a great deal for windsurfers and kite surfers. visit “valdevaqueros” and “los lances” beaches, which are ideal for windsurfing.

this small town has a beautiful center with small shops, bars and nightclubs! enjoy exotic cocktails in a hippie ambience.

dont forget to look carefully at the waters horizon where you can see africa !



the journey is the destination! you will witness amazing views while travelling in the south by car.

make stops at random places and enjoy whatever draws your interest. you will cross numerous beaches and small towns where you can have a break from driving.
benalmádena, estapona and marbella are three good choises


station 4: malaga

driving distance: 160km/ 1h 45min

one of the oldest cities in the world and birth city of pablo picasso

walk up to the castillo de gibralfaro and get an amazing panoramic view of the city.

during the fair of málaga, in august, the streets of the city center are adorned with paper lanterns and floral displays. booths are set up, there are performances for children and adults, music and dance (especially verdiales, the most characteristic local variant of flamenco), and decked out horses and carriages attempting to make their way through it all. the sounds of flamenco and copla are everywhere, along with less traditional music.

there is bullfighting each afternoon at la malagueta bullring, and after sunset the fair continues at the real.


station 5: granada

driving distance: 125km/ 1h 25min

although you leave the coast, granada is worth seeing,

visit la alhambra and the caves of sacromonte.
sacromonte offers not only a geographical variety, but also an ethnic one as you can meet arabs, jews but also gypsies that live in a new type of housing, the caves! there are caves in various categories. best known for the visitor are the ones dedicated to zambras: spacious, white and adorned with shiny copper pots. it is essential to approach at least one night to attend a zambra del sacromonte (flamenco dance) in a cave.

nightlife is vibrant thanks to the amount of university population. tapas, exotic cocktails and dancing are a good way of spending time in granada.



having a car and being free to easily make plan changes on the way gives a completely different air to travelling. a road trip is a special experience. a road trip in the south of spain is an amazing experience!


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