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leisure exhibitions like ITTFA, february, Belgrade, as well as ITB, Berlin, march, open to public and professionals are good samples of attempts of meeting end-customers and distribution. Belgrade and Berlin get full of visitors from the countryside, provinces as part of the necessary test to new products and packages, how successful they can be in the coming summer; professionals, though, are getting from the neighbouring countries-regions, Albania, Kosovo, Romania, for ITTFA, and from former eastern countries as well as central-asian countries and caucasian regions.

Imagenin a time of recession in Europe, is it really worth to dedicate efforts for such a test directed to end- customers? and, for professionals, are these shows right places to meet, are pre-appointment tools well prepared and designed for this purpose? in Belgrade, impact of tourism is rightly regarded as one of the main growing and changing factor in its economy, as well as update, openness, integration in Europe. in Berlín, ITB is regarded increasingly as part of a global strategy to set similar fora in Asia and Latinamerica, Singapore and, perhaps, Brazil.

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