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tourism professionals we strive hard to find the way to reach end-customers, B2C, or professionals, B2B, to convey our message and services as effectively as possible, within a reasonable relationship cost-benefit.

this time we will look at two shows one innorway, Travelmatch-Reiseliv and Tur, insweden. the first one took a crucial decision of shifting into a clear split, one for B2B professionals, Travelmatch, and another for end-customers, Reiseliv, but moving forward its traditional dates from january into march. the result has been somehow unsatisfactory, as Travelmatch, on one hand, demanded a greater preparation effort and fine-tuning booking tools and as a result vendors largely outnumbered buyers; on another hand, Reiseliv saw a lower number of exhibitors and also of visitors, partly as a large retention on dates obtained by tourism fair in Fornebu in january, month when tour operators and buyers typically decided on programming and deciding holidays destination for the summer.

Tur fair also experienced a lower number of visitors and professionals. B2B side is as disastrous as usual on pre-set professional appointments, lacking of contents and rigor. end-customers are really not in the best of their moments, due to recession times, in spite of being not so stricken by crisis this part ofeurope.


both leisure fairs besides remain secluded into their regions instead of pushing for an opening to the rest of the world, making a global bet, as ITB that makes it more and more attractive year after year for its capacity of integrating global buyers into it.

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